Grand Street Warehouse
Photo Credit: Ashley Therese Photography

1) Modern Calligraphy

In our Modern Calligraphy with pointed pen class, we will be talking about tools, techniques and basic strokes of modern pointed pen calligraphy and we’ll also cover an entire alphabet. When we finish you will have a good working knowledge of this long lost beautiful art form and will be able create your own unique pieces of art or cards. Calligraphy kit with tools and materials including a jar of ink, 2 nibs, straight pen holder, tin for nibs, ink eraser, drawing pencils, brush pens, and a script font for practice are included. Access to our private calligraphy Facebook page where you can ask questions, get information, share projects and encourage one another. 50% Deposit required to register, balance due at the start of class.

2) Brush Pen Calligraphy

In our Modern Calligraphy with brush pens class, we cover the same elements as our pointed pen class-as brush pens are pressure sensitive just like calligraphy pens and nibs, but a little faster to work with and they leave a beautiful finish to your project. You will learn basic calligraphy strokes and techniques and we’ll cover an entire alphabet. Includes all of your tools and materials. 50% deposit to register.

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